Students prepare in Sunnyvale, CA, with ACT tutoring from Lumen Learning Center. The ACT is a very important test for those who plan to attend a university and all students need to give it their very best shot. Being tutored to prepare for this test is the best way to prepare.

Sunnyvale CA ACT Tutoring

Students in Sunnyvale, CA, get ACT tutoring to have the edge for a higher score. Individualized preparation will accomplish so much more than taking mock tests online or studying with friends.

SAT Preparation

Lumen Learning also offers tutoring to prepare for the SAT. If you’re unsure of which test is best for you to take, here are some points to consider:

Take the ACT when:

  • Vocabulary is an issue
  • Difficulty explaining your answer
  • Calculator is intimidating
  • You’re strong in experimental design
  • You like to give opinions
  • Prefer related topics have their own categories in tests

Take the SAT when:

  • Have time limit panic
  • You miss the details when reading
  • Struggle with geometry
  • Not a fan of science
  • You love analytical essays
  • Can’t stand having to skip questions

You don’t need to take both the ACT and SAT in order to be accepted into your favorite university. Only one is required to prove your qualification for the institution.

What is a Good ACT Score?

If you’re wondering what a good score on the ACT looks like, the Princeton Review has a page that explains the average ACT scores in detail. Browsing that page will give you a general idea on what you’re faced with when taking the ACT.

One on One Tutoring for ACT

In Sunnyvale, CA, ACT tutoring can be found at Lumen Learning Center. Give us a call to discuss your college plans and which tests you’re interested in taking. We will match you with a tutor that specializes in prepping students for that test.