Learning experts have a surefire way to improve your study skills. Most stumbling blocks happen in studying because the way you are studying isn’t the same way that you learn. There are several different learning styles and you must study using your own learning style.

Study Skills

Of course, you’d like studying to be more effective and help you retain and understand the subject matter. If you are not retaining it, feel it is a horrific chore and you still don’t know the material on test day, it is time to take a look at the different learning styles.

There are 6 different learning styles and most people will have one main way that they learn, although some will have more than one.

These styles are:

  • Visual: Learning best from pictures, images and a spatial understanding.
  • Aural: Learning best from sounds and songs.
  • Verbal: Learning best from writing and speeches.
  • Physical: Learning best by touching, using your hands and body.
  • Logical: Learning best by using logic and equations.
  • Social: Learning best in groups of people all learning at the same time
  • Solitary: Learning best when studying alone in a quiet place.

You’ve probably seen already how one person can teach you something and you don’t understand it at all. Then someone else teaches you the same thing and you instantly get it! It is likely that the 2nd person was teaching you in your learning style.

When you study, you will have a much easier time of it if the information is presented to you in your learning style. You greatly improve your study skills by first learning which is your learning style. You can do this by taking a quiz on the nonprofit website Education Planner. Bookmark that site and take the quiz. Make changes in your study sessions to get the study material into your learning style. After that, studying will be so much easier!



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