Here are some things that you should look for when searching for the best way to learn Japanese. These tips will get you into the right program to get a grasp of the language quickly, but still have a solid base from which to grow your skill.

Best Way to Learn Japanese

There are 3 things you should look for when sorting through programs that claim to be the best way to learn Japanese. These parts of the program should be included in any program that you choose:  Japanese grammar, honorific levels and Japanese writing.

Japanese Grammar

Grammar in the Japanese language is very different from the Romance languages like English, Spanish and French. Sentences are constructed in a different order than an English speaker would expect among other differences. It can mean that getting started is a little difficult for English speakers.

Honorific Levels

There are many levels of formality in the Japanese language. It is important to work toward understanding these levels as you study and learn. You’ll need to begin learning a few in the beginning and add more as you study. Avoid an ongoing learning program that stays in only the most formal tense.

Japanese Writing

You will need to learn an entirely different system of writing. This is likely the most complex system of writing. While it is easy to switch from English to Spanish, because it has very few differences in the characters and punctuation, Japanese has a high level of differences.

Learning Japanese

It is important that you learn Japanese as a whole, because that is the best way to learn Japanese. You’ll learn grammar, vocabulary and writing. These three parts work together to help you get a good grasp of the language and begin to understand some of the culture. You’ll develop a good foundation with which to grow your skill in Japanese.