It is confusing if you have never heard of the STEM program before. What exactly do these letters in STEM mean? STEM is an acronym of certain subjects in a new learning program.

STEM Abbreviation

STEM isn’t an abbreviation, it is an acronym of the learning subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This acronym represents a new way of learning which is to embrace these subjects all at once, as if working together they become their own subject.

The intention of this program is to put students into an international community mindset. The program encourages creative thinking to solve problems in any subject or aspect of life. This ensures each child will have a better and brighter future in their chosen career path. STEM prepares students for any career, not just science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Even if the career is art history or restaurant management, the skills developed in STEM will help them excel.

Lately, there is a new and related acronym: STEAM. This represents Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. This is the next level after STEM. It uses the approach of STEM and includes and applies it to the Arts. In today’s digital world, the arts are a huge part of the workforce. We need websites built, graphic designs for apps and graphics for commercial enterprises. Our world is more technology based than it has ever been in human history. The western world has left craftsmanship behind and is busy creating machines and devices to work and think for us. Part of that advance is the arts. STEAM covers most of the careers of today.

Lumen Learning teaches STEM courses to prepare students for their future with critical thinking and the ability to embrace all the major subjects at once. Give us a call to discuss your child’s education.



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