Current research indicates that parents play an essential role in helping beginning readers. A struggling child will benefit enormously when you do such actions as read to them or read with them. This also applies to your older children.

Mostly, read some interesting content from the internet, magazines or books as they listen. Encourage a love of reading and create an environment that promotes a reading culture. Make it a regular activity, and it will have long-lasting effects.

Helping your Child Learn Through Speaking

If your child is having trouble with English or writing, you can help them by speaking to them using a variety of words. For example, you can introduce a new concept, and use it frequently when you are talking to your child. Eventually, the child will learn to associate the new words with particular actions and therefore get a better understanding.

This also applies to parents that use English as a Second Language. The parents can help their children learn in their native language, and then transfer the skills to English. Children significantly benefit when they learn to read and write in their native language. It is the language in which they think, and they can successfully learn to express themselves.

Make Learning Enjoyable

There are a handful of ways that you can make learning enjoyable, such as the use of apps and games. Work on the math problems with your child and let them see some excitement in you when learning together. You don’t always have to understand their homework.

Request that they justify their work, and they will reflect and learn. Children get a better understanding of the concept when they have to defend their answer. You can keep pushing them to explain it to you, even without giving a lot of feedback or explanation.