Children with writing issues can find it tough to hold a pencil and form letters. This is particularly true for those struggling with fine motor skills. However, there are several ways that you can help these children improve their writing skills.

Use Golf Pencils

You will typically find golf pencils in bowling alleys and mini-golf courses. Their size makes them perfect for little hands. A small well-used pencil, and the broken crayon will also serve the same purpose, especially if you can’t find golf pencils.

Use Food Items

Food items such as flour, sugar, and mashed potatoes can be used to learn writing. Spread the item on the table or a large dish and have them use the pointing finger to write. They can write or draw small words and guide them to move from left to right.

The good thing with using food items is that the children don’t have to worry about holding a pencil just yet.

A Pencil Grip

A pencil grip comes in handy when your child has a problem holding a pencil. There are different designs of pencil grips. Find the most comfortable for your child, such as the squishy blob-looking one. You can also be creative and make a pencil grip for them using such items as clay.

Use Textured Surfaces

Sometimes kids need to feel themselves when writing. In such a case, textured surfaces and raised line paper would be great. Other items, such as plastic placement and sandpaper, are great options. Just have the child place the paper on them, and the rough surface will have them writing and relishing it at the same time.