There are usually tutoring jobs available at Lumen Learning Center in Sunnyvale, CA. We are a fast growing learning center and can always use more tutors year around, but we do have a very high standard for these tutors to meet.

Tutoring Jobs

When Lumen Learning has open tutoring jobs, they look for men and women who have a positive outlook on teaching young people. We work very hard in our learning center to help students learn in a positive, fun and stimulating way. These methods have been very effective in helping our students to quickly grasp their studies and improve comprehension in the subject matter.

Tutoring positions require a combination of education and experience in tutoring. Senior Tutors need a Bachelor’s degree, but a Junior Tutor can be still enrolled in college. For Intern positions, the requirements are different, but being enrolled in college currently is a requirement. The Intern position is a way for a student to get the experience they need to become an educator.

Education and experience isn’t enough to become a tutor at Lumen Learning Center. We will require references that prove you are of good moral character and are a patient, kind person. You’re also required to have a criminal background check. Another must is to have good time management skills, organizational skills and have effective communication skills.

We have high standards that our tutors must meet before they will be employed at Lumen Learning Center and this is one of the reasons we are so successful in teaching students in the Sunnyvale area community. If you feel you have what it takes to teach at Lumen Learning Center, please fill out our quick application on our Careers page and we’ll contact you to discuss our application process.



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