There is one very popular tutoring place near you, if you live in the Sunnyvale, CA, area. This tutoring company offers a variety of ways to help students learn. It is conveniently located and has sessions for adults, as well.

Tutoring Places Near You

Lumen Learning Center is one of the best tutoring places near you, specializing in tutoring students in grades K-12. They do have some adult classes, as well.

Tutoring with one of our experienced tutors can take place in your home or in our facility. Some students find it less stressful to learn with their tutor in their own home and others enjoy getting away to a quieter place, such as our facility.

We also provide some tutoring in a classroom setting with multiple students. This is also a fun way to learn. Sometimes tutors will have the class engage in competitive games in order to learn the lessons of the day. It is a fun and enjoyable experience that heightens lesson retention.

Summer Programs

We offer special summer programs each year. Some of these classes focus on STEM learning, one particular subject like writing or other specialized programs for the youngest students.

Our Tutors

There are 3 levels of tutors for our learning facility. The senior tutors have several years of teaching experience in a one on one setting and a bachelor’s degree. The junior tutors are enrolled in a college program and have a couple of years’ experience teaching. The interns work while being closely monitored by the senior tutor and are enrolled in a college program.

Getting Started

When you’re searching for tutoring places near you for your child or would like to participate in some of our adult education, give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss your learning needs. We’re looking forward to meeting you.



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