Lumen Learning Center has a range of tutoring programs for kids. We address learning English as a second language, special learning summer camps for most grade levels, home tutoring, tutoring in our facility and classroom style learning programs. Children from all grades benefit from our many programs.

Tutoring Programs for Kids

Tutoring programs for kids who want something fun to do in the summer will enjoy our STEM summer camps. It is here where we dive into really fun science, technology, engineering and mathematics to explore very fun topics in depth. Playing with a robot is fun but figuring out the math and engineering that makes it do cool things takes learning to a whole new level.

Marshmallow Minds is another program that will mix STEM with other design and project learning opportunities for fun experiences when school it out for the summertime. These summer camp style classes are geared toward students from grade 8 up to grade 12.

If your child needs help with homework during the school year, we offer private one on one tutoring in your home or in our facility. We start with a student assessment to discover your child’s learning style and check for learning challenges. Then we make the best match of your child and a tutor.

Homeschooling is a popular program at Lumen Learning Center. When you want your child to learn outside of the formal school setting, Lumen Learning Center is an excellent choice for your child’s education.

Lumen Learning Centers

Please give us a call at Lumen Learning Center to find out more information about our current programs for kids. We have many different schedules for tutoring programs for kids. From normal kindergarten to grade 12 classes, private tutoring and specialized classes to supplemental education programs, we have everything you need in child education. Call to schedule a time to come in to discuss your child’s educational needs.



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