The STEM acronym has the first letters of each of the courses that it teaches. The S is for Science. The T is for Technology. The E is for Engineering. And the M is for Mathematics. These disciplines are typically taught all together at the same time with a hands-on approach.

STEM Acronym

It is likely no coincidence that the word stem was chosen for this style of educational program. Maybe it was a happy coincidence the creators could spell out that particular word stem, maybe not. The meaning of stem is the main body of a plant or shrub, basically the main part of something. With STEM education, you can see where science, technology, engineering and math are pretty much making up the main body of the educational system.

The purpose of the STEM program goes beyond just trying to make education fun for kids. It is trying to encourage young students to go into these disciplines when then graduate, or to pursue them in higher education. For some reason 57% of high school freshman who say they are interested in one of the STEM careers, drop the idea by the time they graduate. So, something needed to be done to nurture these kids in these disciplines and keep their interest. If we don’t have enough kids in STEM careers then our economic well-being is in jeopardy in the USA.

Lumen Learning Center

Lumen Learning Center has a STEM program for various age groups every summer. Kids love learning in this unique hands-on way, and it is something they generally don’t get in a typical public school.

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