You’ve probably seen the STEM abbreviation on websites and know that it has something to do with learning. But what do the letters in this acronym mean?

STEM Abbreviation

Actually, the STEM abbreviation isn’t an abbreviation. It is an acronym. In an acronym the letter for each word is put together to make a new word. Acronyms make it easier to remember something. So, which words do the letters in STEM represent?


The S in STEM represents Science.


The T in STEM represents Technology.


The E in STEM represents Engineering.


The M in STEM represents Math.

You can probably imagine how all of these subjects would easily work together in accomplishing just about anything having to do with modern technology like going to the planet Mars, developing a robot, and even discovering more about climate change.

STEM is usually used in education to quickly describe a new way of teaching these subjects. The class will use all four of these career fields together in learning how to do something. Instead of putting the focus on one part of STEM for a class, the focus is on each part as it is needed for the topic at hand. This is a more natural way to learn how to do something in a scientific way.

Where to Take STEM Classes

While tutoring will frequently embrace STEM in any learning situation, it isn’t an official STEM learning environment. Lumen Learning Center has STEM classes in the summertime for students of all grades. This summer school program is very popular with kids and it fills up quickly. Keep an eye on our promotions page on our website, as that is where these programs are announced.

Now you what the STEM abbreviation stands for and what a wonderful program it is.



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